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Country Recap: Austria

We stayed with an awesome group of people in Vienna. It was an Airbnb place, but it felt more like couchsurfing. Our host, Chris, and her flatmates welcomed us and kept us entertained the whole time we were there. They made us quality coffee each morning and baked a marble cake one night. Chris gave us two really good restaurant recommendations and some ideas for sightseeing. It was just fun to hang out with nice people again.

The highlight of our sightseeing in Austria was Sch??brunn Palace, former residence of the Habsburgs. The grounds outside included a hedge maze for us to wander through and perfectly manicured gardens. Inside, we took the grand tour and saw the Rococo??interior. Some of the rooms looked great, and some were hideous.

Salzburg is famous for two things: Mozart and the Sound of Music. All of the Sound of Music tour groups got especially annoying, as they would sing at every single film location they visited. But it was still a fun place, even with all the “Do-Re-Mi” choruses following us around. The town buildings and gardens are beautiful. We walked up to the??Festung Hohensalzburg and got a good view of the fields and mountains.

The best part was the party we found. We had no idea what was going on at the time, but we later found out it was the annual Harvest Festival. There was a huge tent decorated with red and white ribbons and??filled with crowded tables. There was a band playing festive marches and everyone was talking and laughing. Many of the locals were wearing traditional clothing, which seemed to be??lederhosen for men and??dirndl for women. The beer was good, but the grilled chicken was incredible!??We had such a fun afternoon there!??If Oktoberfest is anything like this, I’m sure we’ll love it!

Top three experiences?


  1. The beer tent in Salzburg!
  2. Staying with Chris and her friends in Vienna.
  3. The Sch??brunn Palace in Vienna.


  1. Sch??brunn Palace and its huge gardens.
  2. The Salzburg Harvest Festival beer tent. I especially loved when the church bells started ringing at three o’clock. The band finished their song, and the bells’ ringing was a constant roar of sound. Very cool.
  3. Salzburg’s fortress.

Bottom three experiences?


  1. All of the Sound of Music stuff in Salzburg.
  2. The weather. We got rained on a couple of times.
  3. The museum in the castle in Salzburg was really boring.


  1. The Esperanto museum. It’s really cool there’s a museum, and it had a few moments, like the Soviet and Nazi persecution of Esperanto speakers. But it’s missing key information about the creation of the language and an explanation of its grammatic advantages.
  2. The museum in Salzburg’s fortress was bad. It was also here that I realized how dull European history is compared to other places we visited.
  3. The Sound of Music tours in Salzburg and all the Mozart souvenirs everywhere. Kind of cheesy.

Best meal?

Nikki: Hard to choose. I think the turkey schnitzel in Salzburg was the best.

Brad: Fried chicken with fries at the beer tent in Salzburg.

Worst meal?

Nikki: Whatever pastry thing I got at a bakery in Vienna. I think it needed to be heated up, but the guy didn’t put it in the oven.

Brad: For breakfast in Vienna, we stopped at a bakery and got some pizza-like thing that looked good, but since it was cold it didn’t taste very good.

Favorite person we met?

Nikki: Chris, our airbnb host in Vienna.

Brad: Christine in Vienna. Her place was great and she was very nice. 

Best thing we didn’t blog about?

Nikki: We finally paid some money to visit a couple of museums: the Globe Museum and the Esperanto Museum. They were both tiny and quirky, but very well done and interesting.

Weirdest thing?

Nikki: We saw deer in farms. They must eat veal.

Brad: The outfits that people actually wear in Salzburg. Very Bavarian.

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