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Packing List

“I pity snails, and all that carry their homes on their backs.” -Frodo

Below is a list of the gear that we’re taking on our year-long trip. We’re packing pretty light to start off, especially considering we’ll encounter weather ranging from excruciatingly hot to snowy winters. But we’ll buy that winter gear right before we need it (and where it’s actually much cheaper than in the US).

Brad’s Gear

Brad's Gear

Nikki’s Gear

Nikki's Gear

And if you didn’t think that would all fit into our packs, here’s everything all packed up:


  • 9/7/11: My Canon EOS 30D broke early on the trip, the body won’t properly focus anymore. It was an older camera anyways. I ended up buying a new Canon EOS 600D (the Rebel line) and it’s very nice, and smaller too!
  • 9/7/11: We picked up a cloth shopping bag and chilly bin to carry our food around. I would recommend packing some reusable shopping bags, since they’re extremely cheap in US supermarkets, fold up very small, and are very helpful for hauling random things around.
  • 11/1/11: Now that we’re in the tropics, we each bought a “technical” t-shirt to keep us cool on those hot days. We also sent a package home with some of our cold weather gear.
  • 11/1/11: Our beach supplies were lacking, so over the past few weeks we’ve got new swimsuits each (the ones we brought outgrew us, and almost came off in the ocean!), beach towels, a beach bag (reusable grocery bag), and lots of sunscreen.
  • 3/7/12: We’ve sent a couple packages of things we don’t need home. Since Australia, we’ve picked up a USB game controller for playing video games on the computer, a dry bag for electronics, colorful straps to secure our rain covers on our packs, new umbrellas, and a mosquito net. Also, because of our change of plans to stay longer in Asia, we won’t need all-out winter clothing anymore; we’re following spring and summer around the globe!

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