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Madison, WI, USA
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Why LlamaGoose?

Llama and goose are our silly pet names. Usually, Brad’s the llama and Nikki the goose, though in reality we call each other both at different times. If you spend too much time with us, you may also hear such silliness as “Goosey Llama Honey Bear”.

What are you bringing?

Not much. Brad’s bringing a 45 liter pack and Nikki’s taking a 40 liter one. So everything we’ll own for the next year will fit into them. More details as we finalize our packing list!

How did you get the money to do this?

Believe it or not, it’s not nearly as expensive as you may think. We’ll be staying at cheap hostels/couchsurfing and┬átaking public transportation. Plus, in many places we’re going, like Southeast Asia, a dollar goes a lot further due to a lower cost of living.

We’ve been saving up and living frugally over the past several years. Not to mention the DINK lifestyle.

Aren’t you scared?

We’re a little scared, but also very excited. We’ll face some challenges, but the new experiences will make this trip worth it.

Won’t you get sick of each other?

Probably. We won’t be together 100% of the time on the trip.

What made you decide to do this?

We hatched this idea shortly after we got engaged–we wanted to go to New Zealand for our honeymoon. But when we got thinking about it, we also wanted to see Australia. And while we’re over on that side of the world, what about seeing Thailand too! By that time we figured let’s just take the long way back around the world and see it all.

Have another question for us? Write a comment and we’ll answer it, promise!

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