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Musings at 2:00 AM: A Night in the Life of a Backpacker

It’s funny how these things work out. We met Julien just because he asked if he could tag along to practice his English. And tonight we met these really cool people: Ellen and Ali, a couple from Scotland living in Melbourne, and Megan, a girl from Michigan living in San Francisco. They were all very nice and funny, especially Ellen. (And with their accents, at first I thought their names were Allen and Alley.) The only reason we even met them is because we went to a free BBQ and trivia night at The Brewery. They sat with us at a table and we formed a trivia team after dinner. Then we went and bought drinks and played Uno in the YHA before they kicked us out for drinking and being loud after hours, so we went and drank in the park across the street, sitting and laughing under the yellow light with the bats screeching in the trees and owls flying around. It just makes me sad to meet all these cool people and have to say goodbye right away. And to top it all off, a cockroach crawled up out of the drain of the sink while Ellen was brushing her teeth.

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