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The Eighth Wonder of the World: Milford Sound

I’ve been looking forward to Milford Sound for about a year. I had read many blog posts about it and I even had it as my computer background at work. But as we drove through New Zealand and saw such amazing scenery, I started to doubt that Milford Sound could possibly live up to my expectations. Could it really be that much better than everything else we saw along the way?

Milford Sound

Incredibly, it did not disappoint me at all. It was actually more impressive in person than in any of the pictures. Now you might be wondering what Milford Sound is. It’s a long channel carved by glaciers through the mountains from the Tasman Sea. So technically it’s a fjord, not a sound. I really don’t think I can describe it adequately. Majestic, enormous, amazing, grand, awesome and incredible were all words that came to mind as we floated by. You’ll just have to look at the pictures, except even the pictures don’t capture the size of the place.

Dolphins in Milford SoundWe were able to get up close to everything on a smaller sized cruise ship. At the beginning, fog was covering most of the mountain tops, making them look kind of mysterious. Then the sun came out, the fog lifted and we could see just how big the mountains were. There were also many waterfalls crashing down the sides of the canyon. When it’s raining, there are literally thousands of waterfalls. Our boat went right up to the bottom of one of them and we got very wet. We also got up close to a colony of fur seals. The best part, though, was at the very end when a group of dolphins swam up to us and started playing in the wake of our boat. Apparently it’s kind of rare to see dolphins there. Even the tour guides were taking pictures of them.

Lake Marian, Fiordland National ParkAfter the cruise, we hiked up to Lake Marian. It was definitely the most challenging hike we’ve done yet. The path wasn’t your typical sand and gravel variety, it was mostly rocks of various sizes, mud and tree roots that we had to climb up. And the entire hour and a half hike was uphill. Steep uphill. Once we made it to the lake, Brad and I had very different opinions on whether or not it was worth it. (I’ll let you guess who thought what.) At least we both agreed that Milford Sound was incredible.

5 comments to The Eighth Wonder of the World: Milford Sound

  • Lisa

    Looks beautiful! The picture of the trout swimming by is amazing. The water looks as clear as a swimming pool!

  • Uncle J

    We DEMOLISHED Nebraska, what a night, we looked sick and they looked ill UW=49 N=17 “Shuck ‘em Bucky”
    Love you guys, glad you’re having fun.

  • Diane

    Nikki and Brad – these pictures are so beautiful… I can’t imagine how each day must be for you both. Thanks so much for sharing all of them and the great blog – it’s my little ‘get away’ at the end of the day! Take cae and love you both!!!

  • Falafel

    Wooooow..these pictures are stunning!! It sounds like you two are having an amazing time. Thanks for the updates!

  • char

    These have been your best pictures yet. Most of them could be made into postcards. Look forward to your pics and comments.

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