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Coromandel: Welcome to Godzone

Coromandel is gorgeous. I’ve never been to such a breathtaking place. We’ve been stopping about every fifteen minutes to take stunning pictures. Everywhere you look could be a picture. Basically, it’s a lush, green, mountainous peninsula with steep cliffs dropping off to the sparkling blue ocean and perfect sandy beaches. A lot of the area is farmland, so there are many sheep and cows grazing in the hills while you drive by. In fact, we’re staying on a farm.

The Colville Family Farm is-you guessed it-beautiful. We’re staying in a stained-wood cabin with a nice Japanese guy who has been biking around the country for a year. Looking out our window, we see towering green hills and cows. Yesterday we helped feed the lambs and hiked around the farm. They have 1,260 hectares of land here with many different trails, so you could hike for days and not see the same thing.

Today we drove on a harrowing, narrow gravel road with sheer drop-offs to our left and rock wall to our right. There were also many blind corners, one-lane bridges, steep ascents and descents and the occasional sheep in the road. We even had to drive through a small stream! It was all worth it, however, when we made it to Port Jackson at the top of the peninsula. Then we hiked (are you sensing a theme?) from Fletcher Bay to Poley Bay and didn’t see another soul the entire time. At the beginning of the hike, I felt like we were intruding on someone’s farm because we were literally walking through sheep grazing in the hills. Then we had a nice picnic on a deserted, rocky beach. So I would say the terrifying drive up was well worth it! (“Well worth it?” I’m starting to talk like a New Zealander.)

Tomorrow we’re getting an early start and driving to Cathedral Cove, a popular sight-seeing spot on the Coromandel, then back to the mainland and on to Rotorua.

Be sure to check out our other photos from Coromandel Peninsula!

4 comments to Coromandel: Welcome to Godzone

  • Betsy

    Well, it sure looks like God’s Country! Every picture could be a post card. Nikki – you are a great writer! You make it sound like I am right there with you guys:) Thank you for updating and keeping us posted on your travels. You were right about the sheep population! How is the “sheep meat” anyway?? Or are they raised mainly for the wool? I think I’ve watched movies on New Zealand and the sheep farms. Isn’t the Thornbirds based in New Zealand?

    Brad looks pretty cool on the wrong side of the car! I drove that way up north this last weekend just to see what it was like…Gramma Acker didn’t like that too much:) I think with the steering wheel on the opposite side might make it easier. Well, keep us posted and have a great day!
    Love you guys!

    • The weirdest part of driving on the opposite side is the bulk of the car is to my left, rather than my right. That makes things weird when driving on highways.

      We haven’t had sheep/lamb yet, but probably will at some point. They’re raised for their wool (in fact, the Icebreaker shirts we bought in the US have a “baacode” that is used to see which farm that wool came from!)

  • Emily Liefke

    AWESOME photos- it makes my eyes happy just looking at that sky and shoreline. Also, about your earlier post with the guy who didn’t pee for 12 hours – what in WORLD is up with that noise?!?! Maybe he was using the Stadium Pal ; ) “A 12 hour flight to New Zealand without getting up once to pee? THANKS STADIUM PAL!” I, of course, already miss both of your faces. Take pictures with YOU in them soon. BIg hugs, Love Emdizzle.

  • Lisa

    Great pictures, and great narration! I can just picture you two walking through a pasture with sheep! Not quite so thrilled to read about your “harrowing” ride through the mountains though! So glad you are experiencing this, it is soooo awesome!!! I do miss you already though!
    Take care, and keep each other safe!
    Love you very much,
    xxoo :)

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