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We Made It

We are in Auckland, New Zealand now! This will probably sound weird, but I kind of enjoyed the flight. I watched X-Men, Lost in Translation, and Modern Family, slept, listened to music and played Angry Birds. We were on a 747, which I had been on before, but it was still cool and Air New Zealand is a good airline. Strangely the guy sitting next to us didn’t go to the bathroom once during the 12 hour flight.

Brad tried yogurt today, so he is already branching out! He also tried some strange brown dressing on a ham and cheese sandwich. And he even said he liked it!

The weather is okay here, chilly and partly cloudy, but nice enough to walk around. Our bunks won’t be ready until later today, so we just walked around the neighborhood a bit and now we’re hanging out at a coffee shop. We’re both tired, so I don’t think we’ll do much today. From what we’ve seen so far, Auckland seems nice, but nothing special.

Hopefully we’ll be up for more activity tomorrow!

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