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It’s official!

We just bought a one-way ticket to New Zealand! It’s a pretty incredible feeling. We are leaving on August 30th from Chicago with one stop in San Fran. We also booked a flight from Christchurch to Melbourne on October 6th, so we have a little over a month to explore New Zealand. I don’t really like being locked in on a day to leave, but for some reason it was cheaper to book both the flight to New Zealand and Australia than just the one flight to New Zealand. Weird. I guess that’s airline companies for you.

The countdown has officially begun!

2 comments to It’s official!

  • Blobo

    Haha, let me know if you get stranded in San Fran (hopefully not). I will officially have been there a week-and-a-half at that point and will be happy to meet up with you!

    • I hope not as well, but who knows…
      You’ll probably have a great time in San Fran, it’s a beautiful city with such a cool atmosphere. It’s on our list of places to visit someday (I’ve only been there on business).

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